Experienced in Global Procurement

Refined Resources International (RRI) was established in 2004 with the objective of designing and procuring reliable sources for consistent high quality bulk bags.

With a combined 120 years of experience in exploration, mining, processing, logistics, and global sourcing, RRI is uniquely positioned to help both small and medium sized companies develop a supply chain into China and other countries. RRI utilizes our network of contacts developed through years of purchasing experience serving our customer base by providing products specially tailored to their needs, as well as providing technical services and advice at a competitive price.

Forging International Partnerships

Relationships in China, Jamaica, Brazil, and Mexico, as well as other foreign countries, have provided RRI the opportunity to establish a plethora of reliable business contacts. By partnering with contacts in these respective locations, we quickly determine if products can be sourced from suppliers who meet our high standards. RRI is the window into the global market for those who do not have the resources to enter the market themselves.

RRI’s Unique Advantages

Global Reach and Partnerships

We boast mutually beneficial global business relationships that position us to provide comprehensive, quality, and competitively priced solutions for our customers’ industry applications. Our global reach expands to several countries across the world.

Design & Build Approach

Our approach for providing quality products to our customers is design and build. Each product is manufactured to order, ensuring all detailed specifications for end use are adequately met. Our bulk bags are fully customizable.

120+ Years of Experience

The founding of RRI brought over 120 years of experience in exploration, mining, processing, logistics, and global sourcing. Our leadership team and partners have a unique skillset and advantage to ensure our quality products and services meet your needs.

Consistent, High-Quality Products

One of the biggest risks in importing products from a foreign country is quality control. We have secured a high degree of control on meeting customer’s specifications ensuring we utilize industry leaders with a successful track record in our global business partnerships.

Competitive Pricing

Our front-end industry research and global relationships allow us to exhaust all resources and leave no stone unturned before choosing a supplier ensuring you receive the best price without sacrificing quality.

Leadership Team

Business Development

Lin Wang


Joey Colwell

Sales and Marketing

Sam Henderson

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