High-Quality Polypropylene Bags

One of the biggest risks in importing products from a foreign country is quality control.

The RRI team is very knowledgeable with regards to the design, construction, specifications, and quality control requirements for producing polypropylene woven bags. As a member of the FIBCA, we abide by the highest standards in the bulk bag industry.

FIBCA Member

The Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association (FIBCA) was formed in 1983 by polypropylene bag manufacturers to manage the regulatory bodies that control the shipment of products. Refined Resources International boasts our FIBCA membership to educate our customers on the benefits, uses, and correct handling methods of the bags we design and procure.

Make Safe Handling a Priority

Bulk bags can carry up to 4,000 pounds of material, so it is imperative to understand and practice the FIBCA’s safe handling guidelines to ensure the safety of your employees and delivery team. In addition, following these guidelines guarantees the quality and consistency of your material once it has been delivered.

The safe handling guide outlines the best practices for:

Selecting the correct bag design for a specific material

Filling and discharging methods

Lifting, storing, and transporting a bulk bag

Filling & Emptying FIBCS

Handling FIBCS By Forklift, Crane, or Hoist

Storage & Transportation of FIBCS


Order Fulfillment Process


Initial discovery


Develop and approve specifications and drawings for products needed


Custom design based on end use


Manufacturing begins


Checked for quality using strict guidelines


Warehoused or delivered to the location

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