Endless Applications for Polypropylene Bags

Our experience ranges across most industries as our polypropylene bags have thousands of applications. Some industries we are experienced serving include:



Building Materials


Hazardous Materials

Minerals & Chemicals


Pigments & Coatings


Are Polypropylene Bags Right for Me?

Refined Resources will help determine what specifications you’ll need to consider and recommend the best design for your end use. The RRI team analyzes the materials your bags will hold, filling and discharging methods, and shipping and storage strategies when working with you to design the polypropylene bag to adequately transport any material.

Our team will evaluate the following items to develop the correct solution for you:

We’ll consider your material’s:

Density in bulk

Hazard level

Market segment

Particle size

Moisture percentage

Cross contamination concerns

Specific barrier

Temperature when filling

We’ll also consider the bag’s:


Filling method

Discharging method

Transporting method

Shipping method

Shipping Distance

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